Press Release

RTFM examines written and picture languages, as being mostly conceived as alternatives, offset by a noticeable trend towards a visual turn that an interdisciplinary visualistics study of images, or imaging science, seems more like a compensation for the powerful influence of communication, and an appendix to computer sciences than a well founded investigation of the two correlative areas of word and image. RTFM brings picture languages to the forefront. RTFM’s artists have built up a more comprehensive knowledge by simply looking at the environment, and by using the language of daily life and its derivatives as a gesture towards humanisation. From hieroglyphics to isotypes, the visual information the viewer receives from these artists expands upon visual knowledge on a global scale, from Howey’s works that derived out of the issues from teaching higher education to Atterbury’s arrangement of networks and lived references of modernist shapes and hieroglyphs, to Mannov’s intricate weavings of technology and visual communication.


Isabel Lederman


Will Clayton