Press Release

Still Fuzz highlights the works of Talia Chetrit, Nona Inescu, Elizabeth Jaeger, and Ittah Yoda. The works in this exhibition gives thought to how vision, at any given historical event, does not approximate a profound arrangement, economic foundation, or globalized insight, but rather the task of a collective assemblage of disparate works in a virtual plane. The observer is considered as a component in the reconstruction of optical experience. We measure and quantify visual terms, but as production of objects increase within the art market how do we navigate the original from the analogy when perception desires the temporal and kinetic all while being multiple and intersected? Can a vantage point for the eye, excluding the conventions of seeing, reorganize the task of the observer? The ‘object’ in all this exhibition continues to be suggestive from Chetrit’s bike seat, Inescue’s stone, Jaeger’s plumerias, and Yoda’s subtle assemblages.


Isabel Lederman


Rahul S. Shinde